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 Sonic Spindash

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PostSubject: Sonic Spindash   Sun Dec 21, 2008 4:28 am

Super monkey ball. All about rolling around. getting to goals on time. Somewhat speed. Idea: make a sonc like monkeyball game
Quote :
Story:Sonic has confronted dr. eggman. but this time the doc has a trick up his sleeve. He activates a deviece which traps sonic in ball form. Eggman kicks sonic out of the scene and goes on his way sneaky
Gameplay:Monkeyball like gameplay.Make it to the end of the stage under the time limit, in a ball like form.

Bosses: Charge up and spin das into the bosses weak points to beat em.
Music: ehhhh whatever
Extras : beat the games once, play again as super sonic and sonics friends.
Power ups: Ring capsal,trampoline,
Abilities:spindash, jump.
What do ya think
For psp ds, and mobile phones
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Sonic Spindash
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