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 Sonic Quizzes...

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PostSubject: Sonic Quizzes...   Fri Oct 16, 2009 3:11 pm

I'm pretty sure that everyone here has taken at least one quiz relating to Sonic. Most likely titled "Which Sonic Character Are You?". My point? The quizzes themselves.

When I'm bored, I tend to take quizzes. A lot of them. The majority of the Sonic ones...I did not like them one bit. The questions are simplistic and obvious. As in the choices given, makes it plain as day what result you would end up with. Favorite food and colors? How would you attack? Genre of music you listen to? How in the world would any of that tell me which character I mostly relate to?

What's worse is the results. You get a picture you see everywhere, and one or two sentences saying, "You're "insert name"! The "information from a game booklet or internet site"!" That's it. I find that insulting, and annoying. It felt more like a statement saying "This is my favorite character and proof that I am like him/her!"

Plus, there's something they always forget. There's more characters than the ones who appeared on the video games. Much more. Yet there's usually only 4 possibilities. Another pet peeve. Does no one remember the other characters from the arcade? Comics? Old cartoons? It seems not. Bark, Nack, Mighty, Ray, Sally, Bunny, Rotor, Antoine, Geoffrey, and countless others. They all have distinct personalities of their own that are realistic to our own. Isn't it more plausible if we were more similar to them than the more highlighted characters?

Of course, I am well aware that those people took time out of their lives to at least attempt to make a decent quiz. Some of them even succeed that actually has me smile when I read the results which actually has details and something original. So them I do thank.

Also, I know that I myself haven't attempted to make a character quiz either and shouldn't criticize them. I would have, but unfortunately I have never read the comics. So I wouldn't understand how those characters act or behave. However, if someone were to attempt to make one with the many characters and have unique questions with descriptive results, I'd appluad them.

Uhm...it seems I've ranted...feel free to express your opinion on this.
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Sonic Quizzes...
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