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 Pro Gamer's Wii Daytime and Supersonic Battle Observations

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Pro Gamer's Wii Daytime and Supersonic Battle Observations Empty
PostSubject: Pro Gamer's Wii Daytime and Supersonic Battle Observations   Pro Gamer's Wii Daytime and Supersonic Battle Observations Icon_minitimeTue Dec 23, 2008 1:59 am

Hey guys I'm making a observation of 2 versions of Unleashed, Wii and 360. 360 version coming soon.....after I play that version. Okay let's get strarted:

Pro Gamer wrote:
Wii Aptos Windmill Isle Act 1
Review what you learned in tutorials in this quick but handy stage.
(good) Easy for beginners but still fun for experts
(bad) This stage is empty leaving you no choice but to boost through or things may get boring

Act 2
Run through a beautiful Isle with a lovely, background.
(good)A few alternate paths, and many tricks to perform
(bad)Towards the end of this stage, it gets empty again.

Wii Spagonia Rooftop Run Act
Explore this fast filled European level with SONIC SPEED!
(good)Plenty of alternate paths, enemies and objects.
(bad)Sometime boosting in front of boxes and enimies will make you smack into them instead of speed through them

Wii Holoska Cool Edge Act
Run, Ride and slide through this icy level that's as blue as our hedgehog hero!.
(good)Nice stage design;great use of ice
(bad)bobsled can get slippery at times

Wii Chun Nan Dragon Road Act
Next is a Sonic styled Chinese Stage. Notice the design on the walls and temples.
(good)Not just flat running, traps cause you to beware.
(bad)Slowing down in water causes you to sink

Wii Shamar Arid Sands Act
WOHOO! A desert paradise! Reminds me of Tails' subgame in SA1
(good) Level focuses on sliding , careful turns,and light dash. (Once again, various alternate paths.
(bad)Some points may seem a bit empty , some 2d points are bland

Wii Adabat Jungle Joyride Act
Sonic races through a jungle filled oceananic level (Thailand I believe?)
(good)routs,ramps, vines,more tricks,that robot from Spagonia ,and a short scene from Sa1.
(bad)The dock (those bridges that connect the islands) gets confusing as to wether to turn , slide, jump etc.

Wii EggmanLand Act
Well, It's about time eggman finally built this. He's been babling about his "Eggmanland" since Sonic Adventure! Hmm.. not too shabby though eggman.
(good)Lengthy level; plenty of stops and turns,great music, alternate paths,rollercoaster ride, that robot from apotos, quick step, yeah , basically everything from every stage packed into this eggman theme park.
(bad)(may be what makes this stage good ,but) Make one wrong mistake and your dead in many cases.

Wii Super Sonic Boss Battles
What's a Sonic Game without Super Sonic? and of course the battle(s) before the bost are always the hardest...............until now.
(good)Many battles packed into this stage.Music for super sonic is nice, New:energy flowing off of super sonic's body makes him look [powerful
(bad) Well..... A LOT! Worst super sonic battle for one(IMO).Okay real facts, super sonic battle is JUST like Darkspine super sonic vs ALa FAlFA (genie from secret rings);the slashes, the way he attacks,(gathers rings and waits for an opening)the way he gathers rings is the same but just sidescrolling. it's EASIER than secret rings's last battle. Heck it's a simplified version of it.I stress this part becausethe super sonic fight is my favorite part of the game and I was dissappointed with it Sad .

Well that's it for now. Next up........ 360 version!!!!! I give sonic Unleashed (wii) Daytime stages and supersonic battle a Cool Very Happy (ehh we'll call it a 8.5)
So what ya guys think? I might do this more often if you like,(or if I feel like it. I did this twice before but deleted it by accident.)
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Pro Gamer's Wii Daytime and Supersonic Battle Observations
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