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 My Sonic Gameplay Mechanic ideas

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PostSubject: My Sonic Gameplay Mechanic ideas   Sat Jan 24, 2009 5:20 pm

I already posted these on Sega Boards, but why not post them here?

Anyway, I have two ideas for Sonic moves to be in a future Sonic game.

I call the first set of gameplay move exclusively for Sonic: the Spin Torque. Basically, this would only work in any Sonic game if that Sonic game had good momentum based physics. Now, this would basically be used while running up, accross, or down walls or ceilings. Basically, Sonic turns, jumps onto and continues running on the walls from any direction, like how he can change the rail he is grinding on or how he can wall jump in Sonic Unleashed. However; Sonic would be in a rather ball-like form to jump into the wall across from him, or the floor if he is running across the ceiling of a given level.

Now, if Sonic is running up a wall, the Spin Torque move he would use to jump onto the wall parallel to the one he is running on would be called the Spin Flip. Sonic goes into a bal like form with just the push of a button, and Sonic flips onto the next one; running down the wall rather than running up the wall like the one he was initially running on without losing any momentum. This works the same way in the opposite sense: if he runs down a wall and spin flips, then he will keep his momentum while running up the other wall in the opposite direction of which he was running in. This can only be done as long as Sonic is running on a wall before the player presses the button to execute the spin flip.

Next, Sonic could do a move I call the Sonic Twirl. If Sonic is running across a wall rather than running up or down the wall; he can side flip off the wall he is running on as the player presses one of two buttons (one each for the direction the opposite wall is in) and jump onto the parallel wall and keep his momentum to continue running on the wall without falling. Note, Sonic will stay running in the same direction he was initially running in before he jumped onto the opposite wall. He can not change direction other the one he was initially facing while using this move.

Finally, the third and last spin torque move is what I call the Spin Drive. This can only be used if Sonic is running across the ceiling of a given level, and would require rather great reflexes not to learn, but to master. The same button used for the Spin Flip would be used for this. While Sonic is running across the ceiling; pressing the proper button would result in having him turn upside down relative to the ceiling and drop down onto the floor with great speed (like the Stomp in Sonic Unleashed, only that Sonic does not stop upon landing) and once he lands, Sonic will immediately continue running at the same speed he had when he was running across the ceiling he was just on. Hold the same button longer and Sonic will spin in midair as he falls (hence the name, the spin drive) and will run in a different direction as he lands rather than the same one he was running on. If you keep holding the button down, Sonic will run in the same direction he was running in while moving on the ceiling, regardless of the height he drops from.

If Sonic performs a Sonic Twirl or Spin Flip, but there is no wall to land on across from the one Sonic runs on (which is detected by motion sensor or some kind of sensing technique), Sonic will jump off the wall he runs on from at a short distance and drop down to the ground via Spin Drive.

This next idea of a Sonic move is what I call the Sonic Bend, which is based on something in some, but not all past Sonic games. By that, I mean what one would call; clunky controls.

What controls do I mean, may ya ask? Not all clunky controls, but there are some past Sonic games that had clunky controls that would make Sonic move in a direction at a sharp angle with even the slightest push of the control stick. From Sonic 3D Blast, to a Beta demo to the unreleased Sonic X-Treme (as shown here:
And probably the most infamous example of them all...

Sonic the Hedgehog from 2006 for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

No need to overreact, though. This is just something that would be included only as long as you tap one button to use it. Otherwise, Sonic will still run smoothly and be controlled like he was in Sonic Unleashed.

Now, how will this work, may you ask?

Well, with this move, Sonic could turn at an angle depending on the direction you tilt the control stick in, even if you do a Sonic Boost! But if you don't tap the required button, you will hardly make a turn. The Sonic Bend would allow Sonic to turn on a dime when running without having to slow down or even run into something!

Now ideally; this move would only be in the game if moves like the Spin Dash, the Stomp, the Light Dash could share the same button to perform, leaving one other button to use the Sonic Bend. As long as you tap that one button, you can use this move.

Now, say that you were controlling Sonic in a level in a Sonic game, but you had to turn to go around a huge wall you are approaching at a high speed, that not only that you cannot run up the wall, but neither the moves, the Quick Step and the Sonic Drift could save your bum from either running into the wall or turn without stopping to change direction.

Well, the Sonic Bend would make that different. Like how Sonic changed direction in that video above that I linked you to, you can press a button (say, the Y button) and tilt the control stick simultaneously in whatever direction you need to go (but only in the left, right, up or down directions; no where in between) to not only avoid hitting the wall, but to not slow down whatsoever! Remember; this can only be done if you tilt the control stick in your preferred direction while at the same time you pressed the required button. Otherwise, Sonic will not be able to make a sharp turn, and his momentum will most likely carry him into the wall.

Well, that is all. What do you think?
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PostSubject: Re: My Sonic Gameplay Mechanic ideas   Sat Jan 24, 2009 11:02 pm

Nice Idea Bro Very Happy .
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PostSubject: Re: My Sonic Gameplay Mechanic ideas   Sun Jan 25, 2009 7:18 pm

Welcome to Hedgehog's Haven my friend, and I have to say again that your ideas can be incredibly useful in future Sonic games. If only SEGA would use them.

A true Tails fan from the beginning, to the end!

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PostSubject: Re: My Sonic Gameplay Mechanic ideas   Mon Jan 26, 2009 12:53 pm

Is that you Flamerstreak? Anyway nice ideas!!
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PostSubject: Re: My Sonic Gameplay Mechanic ideas   

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My Sonic Gameplay Mechanic ideas
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